Bank of Asia (BoA) is now ready to serve both Corporate Clients and Individual Customers

Date: August 14, 2019

BVI House Asia is pleased to share the news that Bank of Asia (BoA) has resumed business operations with immediate effect.  BoA is now ready to onboard and serve both corporate clients and individual customers associated with the BVI and other offshore jurisdictions, as well as worldwide selected economies.

How to apply for a bank account?

Applications can now be submitted online through BoA’s website and/or mobile app, which provides a step-by-step guidance of the account opening process.  Alternatively, applications can be channeled through Corporate Service Providers, who can advise and assist prospective clients with getting the necessary documents ready for submission.

What types of accounts you can apply for?

At present BoA supports interest-bearing savings and checking accounts, along with term deposit and other operating accounts, in four currencies (USD, EUR, HKD and RMB).  In addition, BoA can refer clients to open accounts with its related securities, asset management and insurance entities, or with its financial service partners for products and services in the markets where BoA and its related entities do not cover currently.

Who to contact for setting up bank accounts?

For further assistance, please visit BoA’s website or contact